College of Arts, Sciences, and Education

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”  —W.B. Yeats

Since ancient times, a liberal education has been a proven way for people to better their lives.  The idea would not have lasted if it hadn’t worked.  Study of the liberal arts and sciences will provide you with a mastery of letter and number that will make you smarter and prepare you to lead others and to prosper in a constantly changing environment.  In other words, a degree in the liberal arts and sciences won’t just help you to land a job—it will empower you to discover a calling in life, to develop a greater capacity to think from various perspectives, to make connections, to articulate your point-of-view, to better appreciate the natural world, and to cultivate a sense of ethical responsibility.  In what world are those not valuable qualities?

Mission Statement

We are a community of scholars who challenge each other to lives of inquiry.