Bachelor of Science-Chemistry

The A&M-Texarkana chemistry program offers a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in Chemistry. It offers courses for fulfilling undergraduate degree requirements in two concentrations: (a) general chemistry and (b) secondary teacher certification. The B.S. in Chemistry curriculum provides the necessary background and understanding for students to tackle any job related to chemistry. In addition, the program supports other disciplines, such as biology, biotechnology, nursing, kinesiology, and criminal justice, where the subject matter depends, in part, on the knowledge of the principles of chemistry. The courses offered by the chemistry program will serve as preparation for students that are contemplating post-graduate studies in chemistry or in other disciplines such as medicine, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine.

Careers in Chemistry

Successful completion of the chemistry program enables graduates to pursue careers in industry, government, teaching, or to continue education at the graduate level.  Visit the ACS Chemistry for Life website to find additional information regarding careers in chemistry.