John F. Moss Library

Texas A&M University-Texarkana named its library in honor of the university's founding president, Dr. John F. Moss.  Students may locate the library on the south side of the third and fourth floors in the University Center. Patrons may use the lobby elevators or north stairwells to access the entrance on the third floor.  The south stairwells on the third and fourth floors are emergency exit only, and alarms will sound if used.

The library’s mission is to fulfill the purpose and goals of the institution. The library collects, preserves, and provides access to information resources in both traditional and evolving-technology formats; it supports instructional, research, and public-service programs.  The library offers timely services for faculty, administration, students, and staff and assists in educational development and lifelong learning.

The library is a spacious, modern facility with large windows overlooking the campus and lake. It provides students, faculty, and visitors with a variety of common spaces to appeal to individual preferences and needs, including casual seating, comfortable lounge areas, study nooks, group and individual study tables. Casual seating and study tables extend into both the third and fourth floor lobbies just outside the library’s walls.

For users’ convenience, the library provides the following amenities: KIC, the Knowledge Imaging Center, which offers the ability to copy pages from books, resize, digitize and e-mail documents or save as media files, an open computer lab for class assignments or research, computer print stations (black & white or color), scanners, the Commons Area for Leisure Reading with Best Sellers, magazines and newspaper rack, Media Services provides media equipment (digital cameras, camcorders, calculators, USB headsets, Nooks, Kindles, Notebooks), Supplies Services offers kits containing items needed  for projects as well as everyday items such as scissors, stapler, hole punch, etc., bibliographic instruction, exhibitions by regional artists and resources in a wide variety of formats.

The library has a reciprocal library usage agreement with Texarkana College.  Students from either school can use the other’s library and have access to assistance, reference services, computers, and checkout privileges. The libraries share an online catalog, the EAGLIT, which enables them to function as two branches. The abbreviation JFM indicates materials contained in the John F. Moss Library, and PML indicates materials contained in the Palmer Memorial Library. The EAGLIT catalog includes their joint holdings and indicates the resource’s format and location within each facility. Students may search at either facility or from any computer with Internet connectivity.

Patrons may find additional information by visiting the John F. Moss Library website