Tuition and Fees

The university assesses tuition expenses for each student according to residence classification and the number of semester credit hours for which he or she registers. The Texas Legislature and the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents set tuition and fee rates. Current tuition and fee schedules are available on the Business Office website.

Students are responsible for paying all financial obligations owed to the university when due. Prior to the end of each semester or term, each student should determine that all accounts are paid. In the event the student’s account becomes delinquent, the student will be responsible for all costs of collection. These costs include collection-agency fees, attorney fees, court costs, judgment interest, and any other allowable charges in accordance with state regulations. The university will note non-payment of any accounts on the student's record, and the student will be blocked from registration and from obtaining an official transcript until full payment has been made.

Oath of Residency

The student is responsible for registering under the proper residence classification and for providing documentation that the institution requires. Prior to or at the time of enrollment, the student must raise any question concerning his or her Texas resident-classification rights with the Office of Admissions for official determination. Students classified as residents must affirm the correctness of that classification as part of the admissions procedure. If the student’s classification as a resident becomes inappropriate for any reason, the student must notify the Office of Admissions. Failure to notify the institution constitutes a violation of the “Oath of Residency” and will result in disciplinary action.

Book Voucher

If Texas A&M University-Texarkana has awarded financial aid to the student and the student meets the conditions listed below, a book voucher will be available in the Business Office. The student may use the voucher to purchase books and supplies only at Texas A&M University-Texarkana, and the student must use the voucher the same day the university issues it. To qualify for the Book Voucher, students must

  • have accepted their financial aid on Web for Students (The university encourages students to complete this process one to two days prior to applying for the voucher.);
  • be enrolled in the Office of Admissions in the same number of hours as the award letter specifies;
  • not have any holds with Texas A&M University-Texarkana; and
  • be receiving financial-aid awards that are greater than the tuition and fee charges in the Business Office.

After the student has satisfied the above requirements, he or she may apply for the book voucher in the Business Office. If the university has awarded financial aid to the student but the student does not meet all of the above requirements, he or she may contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information.

Tuition Rates Based on Residency

Students may find detailed information regarding Tuition Rates based on Residency on the Tuition Rates page of Business Office website.  Additional information regarding Texas Residency is available in the Admissions section of this catalog or on the Admissions website.  Determine your residency at this link


To be a Texas resident, a student must have resided in Texas for 12 consecutive months or more and established a domicile in Texas PRIOR to the semester he or she is enrolling. The university may require additional documentation to establish Texas residency. Students classified as residents will pay the in-state tuition rate.


A student who resides in a state other than Texas is a non-resident.  Please see the “Fee Rate Codes” listed below.  Residents of Hawaii and Alaska are not eligible for the “Fee Rate Codes.”

Foreign Student Tuition Rates

In accordance with Section 54.051(d) of the “Texas Education Code,” the university will set the tuition rates for nonresident students enrolled in public universities and health-related institutions for academic year 2014-2015 at $412.00 per semester credit hour (SCH) plus any designated tuition and, when appropriate, Board-authorized graduate tuition the institution charges. Exceptions include tuition rates for nonresident students enrolled in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, and law. Those students can find the tuition rates in other paragraphs of Section 54.051 of the “Texas Education Code.”

Financial-Aid Refunds

The university will mail all financial-aid-refund checks to the student's current address on file with the university unless the student has elected for direct deposit via Web for StudentsPlease note, for refund purposes, class days are determined by the calendar, not by the number of class meetings.  As an example, if a semester starts on Monday, Thursday of that week is considered the 4th class day for all classes. 

Financial-Aid Students Who Withdraw From All Classes

Students who have received financial aid that withdraw from A&M-Texarkana on or before the 60% point in the semester must repay a portion of their financial aid as the Federal formula specifies. The student may only maintain the amount of financial aid he or she has earned at the time attendance ceases. The student must repay both the Federal programs and A&M-Texarkana for institutional charges. Texas A&M University-Texarkana will use the Federal formula to determine the amount the student must repay. All financial-aid students must contact the Office of Financial Aid and Veteran Services before withdrawing from classes in order to understand the adverse effects of his or her withdrawal.

Financial-Aid Students Who Drop Classes

Officials base financial-aid awards on the student’s enrollment status on the university's official census-date report. If the student drops below the number of hours for which the university packaged him or her on or before the official census date, the university will make an adjustment to the financial-aid offer.  If the student drops after the census date, the university may require make-up hours.

Financial-Aid Students and Non-Attendance

Students who receive financial aid and fail to attend any of their classes must repay all financial aid they received.

Courses abandoned without processing an official drop or withdrawal in the registrar’s office will result in a grade of "F" regardless of the time the student ceases to attend class.

Parking Permits

All A&M-Texarkana employees and students that park a vehicle on A&M-Texarkana property must have a parking permit.  A&M-Texarkana parking permits can be purchased at the UPD located in the Central Plant building or at the Business Office in the University Center.  Parking fees and fees for additional vehicles will be pro-rated as follows:

  • Fall through Summer: $30.00
  • Spring through Summer: $20.00
  • Summer only: $12.00
  • Replacement permits: $5.00.  This permit is only a replacement for a stolen permit or a wrecked vehicle where the parking tag is destroyed.

No refunds will be given for permits with the exception being when a student withdraws from the university before classes start.  The hang tag/sticker must be returned to the Business Office before a refund can be made.