Tuition and Fees Descriptions

Title Description Amount
Statutory Tuition* Statutory tuition rates are set by the Texas Legislature. $50 for Residents per SCH; $80 for Border State per SCH.
Designated Tuition A mandatory tuition for operations of the University, scholarship set-asides and building upkeep and improvements. $108.70 per SCH + the adjusted inflation rate calculated based on your Guaranteed Tuition Plan
Student Center Fee A mandatory fee for operation and maintenance of student centers. $ 3 per SCH
Recreation Sport Fee A mandatory fee to finance, construct, operate, maintain and improve recreational sports facilities and programs. $100 flat fee
Student Health Fee A mandatory fee to provide for mental health services and health education. $50 flat rate
Laboratory and Materials Fee The laboratory and materials fee is up to $30.00 per course. This fee applies to some courses for materials and lab usage. Varies by lab course
Intercollegiate Athletic Fee A mandatory fee to initiate intercollegiate sports and build sports facilities. Varies per SCH
University Services Fee A mandatory fee to support various university programs/services including but not limited to records, traffic safety, technology, library, advising, international education, supplemental instruction, and student support. Varies per SCH (
Admissions Application Fee A mandatory fee for application processing. $30 for U.S. applicants. $50 for International applicants.
Student Endowed Scholarship Fee The student-endowed-scholarship fee is a mandatory fee to fund a student-endowed scholarship. $2 per SCH
Web and Distance Education Fee Fee that the university will add to all web-based courses, web-enhanced courses, and face-to-face courses the instructor does not teach in the Texarkana city limits or at Northeast Texas Community College (NTCC) and to TTVN courses the instructor does not teach nor does the student receive in Texarkana or at NTCC. $30 per SCH

* Students enrolled in graduate level courses will pay an additional $20.00 per semester credit hour in tuition.