Bachelor of Science-Mass Communication

Mass Communication is the mass production or mass distribution of news, art, entertainment, or persuasive messages intended for a large audience, in all media from print to corporate communications to independent online broadcasting – from the Wall Street Journal to Instagram. Our curriculum combines theory and practice to provide you with the breadth and depth of a liberal arts education and the hands-on production experience that will prepare you for the professional world.

If you enjoy writing, organizing information, engaging with media culture, and connecting with others, and you aspire to a meaningful livelihood communicating ideas, proposals, and useful information to readers, listeners, viewers, and audiences worldwide from your company, computer, or community, then mass communication is the career for you.

What You’ll Learn from Us

  • How to inform, explain, influence, persuade, mediate, and negotiate
  • Critical thinking and precise reasoning in legal and ethical mass media issues
  • Effective oral, written, visual, and digital communication skills
  • Media literacy skills in analyzing the influence of mass communication on citizens and society
  • A historical understanding of the evolution of media industries and technology that will assist you in mapping cultural change and allow you to take an active and responsible role in shaping our contemporary media culture
  • The theoretical and practical principles of public relations and advertising
  • The theory and practice of publication design and layout (including the Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Photoshop, and WordPress)
  • The theoretical and practical principles of multimedia production (including the Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Premiere)

As a mass communication major, you will earn a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication from a university system with a stellar national and international reputation. Your degree will prepare you to work in many fields of mass communication or to continue studies in a graduate program. 

In general, you will learn about the world of mass media, polish verbal and writing skills, devise public relations campaigns, write news stories, research topics from advertising and politics to comic books and video games, or create ads, magazine layouts, and even short films.

The first course, Introduction to Mass Communication, will survey all mass media and communication industries so you can decide to focus on the ones that interest you the most. Required courses in media writing, media law and ethics, mass communication theory, and research methods, will provide a professional foundation for any specialization studied through elective courses in advertising, broadcasting, journalism, media studies, or public relations.

What You’ll Do Here

Mass Communication majors will have many professional development opportunities, including (but not limited to):

  • writing for our digital campus newspaper Eagle Eye, or starting a multimedia blog
  • studying the history of American film and television and providing coverage of a film festival;
  • devising an advertising strategy for an area business;
  • producing short films or graphic design work to establish a professional portfolio; and
  • working in public relations to contribute to a Texarkana non-profit organization.

Graduates of our program have produced marketing materials for the university, programmed a weekly film series with guest speakers, contributed to an A&M-Texarkana graphic design showcase, and took a trip to the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival in Los Angeles. And our Mass Communication Club has competed at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association convention and been awarded Student Organization of the Year.

Mass Communication Careers

Advertiser                                 Filmmaker                              Newscaster

Broadcaster                              Fundraising Manager             Press Secretary

Campaigner                              Graphic Designer                   Producer

Consultant                                Journalist                                Public Affairs Analyst

Community Affairs                    Lobbyist                                  Public Relations Consultant

Director                                     Managing Editor                     Publicist

Copy Editor                               Marketing Manager                Publisher

Corporate Communications      Marketing Researcher            Recruiter

Director                                     Media Critic                            Screenwriter

Documentarian                         Media Relations Director        Social Marketer

Editor                                        Media Spokesperson             Special Events Promoter

Editorial Project Manager         Narrator                                 Teacher/Professor

Events Manager                       News Director                         and many more


Please contact Dr. Kevin Ells at (903) 223-3040 / OR Dr. Drew Morton at (903) 223-3033 / You may also visit the Mass Communication website for additional information.