Master of Science-History

The Master of Science in History is a thirty-six semester credit hour degree that gives students the opportunity to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of historical phenomena, as well as valuable abilities such as analytical reasoning, qualitative and quantitative research experience, and excellent oral and written communication skills. Individuals who graduate with this degree are eligible to teach dual credit courses in high school (if they are certified to teach in public school) and they qualify for tenure-track faculty positions at community colleges, as well as non-tenure-track faculty positions at four-year universities. The Master of Science in History also provides a solid foundation for those who wish to pursue a Ph. D. in History.  Finally, the Master of Science in History is a degree that satisfies students who simply enjoy studying history and want to read and write about history. Our graduates have found success in Ph.D. programs, as university and college faculty members, teachers, private sector executives, and non-profit leaders.

Faculty Contact: Dr. Craig M Nakashian, (903) 223-3136;

Admission Requirements

  • Baccalaureate degree
  • Minimum of cumulative 2.50 GPA or 2.50 GPA in last 60 hours of undergraduate degree program
  • Three positive letters of academic recommendation
  • Letter of interest and commitment
  • Resume
  • Academic Paper

Requirements must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office by the designated deadline of first semester of enrollment.