Marketing (MKT)

MKT 300. Marketing the Organization. 1 Hour.

This course presents the concepts of marketing as it relates to organizations considering its nature, scope, elements, development, and the steps in the marketing planning process.

MKT 363. Marketing. 3 Hours.

This is an introductory course in marketing presenting the basic components of marketing including product promotion, pricing, and distribution of goods and services with a set of controllable and non-controllable environmental forces.

MKT 366. Marketing Promotion. 3 Hours.

This course is an analysis of the promotion networks of business firms to external publics. Emphasis is on enabling the student to appraise their effectiveness as marketing tools and their social and economic significance. Prerequisite: MKT 363.

MKT 416. International Marketing. 3 Hours.

Students survey the economic, cultural, and political-legal environments in which international marketing takes place, and examine marketing functions and their adaptations to those environments.

MKT 425. Marketing the Business of Sports. 3 Hours.

This course provides an overview of the global sports industry and utilizes a strategic approach to organize the marketing process as applied to sports marketing. Prerequisite: MKT 363.

MKT 436. Marketing Research. 3 Hours.

Techniques of marketing research, research design, analysis and interpretation of marketing data, questionnaire building, and sampling methods are covered in this course. Emphasis is given to selected applications of marketing research. Prerequisite: MKT 363.

MKT 445. Retailing (EL). 3 Hours.

A study of managerial principles and practices of retail operations. This course covers store locations and layout, buying, pricing, promotion, services, and inventory control. This course integrates the principles of Experiential Learning and meets the criteria for field-work.

MKT 465. Sales Management. 3 Hours.

Policies, operation, coordination and control of marketing activities, with special emphasis on the selection and direction of sales personnel, are covered in this course.

MKT 467. Consumer Behavior. 3 Hours.

Students will examine the development of an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the consumer buying process and the important psychological variables that influence that process. Prerequisite: MKT 363.

MKT 489. Individual Study. 3 Hours.

This course provides individual instruction. Students may repeat the course when topics vary.

MKT 505. Services Marketing. 3 Hours.

This course focuses on problems and strategies specific to service businesses. Problems such as inability to inventory, difficulty in synchronizing demand and supply, difficulty in controlling quality will be addressed. Strategies used by successful services marketers to overcome these difficulties will be discussed.

MKT 521. Marketing Management. 3 Hours.

This is an advanced marketing course utilizing an analytical approach to solving marketing problems involved in goal setting, planning, and strategies as they apply to product policy, pricing objectives, promotional objections, distribution policy and marketing research.

MKT 589. Individual Study. 3 Hours.

This course provides individual instruction. Students may repeat the course when topics vary.

MKT 597. Special Topics. 3 Hours.

Instructors will provide an organized class designed to cover areas of specific interest. Students may repeat the course when topics vary.