Honors (HONR)

HONR 345. Advanced Academic Argument Seminar/Continental Philosophy. 3 Hours.

This is an examination of critical theory (a contemporary philosophical approach to ethical, aesthetic, political, epistemological, and ontological problems) that may include an individual author, group of authors, the study of a single school or movement, or another concentration. This course is writing intensive and emphasizes writing across the disciplines. Prerequisite: Student must be admitted to the Honors Program.

HONR 489. Independent Study. 1-4 Hours.

This course is individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized content area under the direction of a faculty member. It may be repeated when topics vary. Prerequisite: Consent of faculty, coordinator, or department chair.

HONR 490. Internship. 3-6 Hours.

This course is an opportunity for Honors students to participate in hands-on learning. Prerequisite: Director or instructor approval.

HONR 497. Special Topics. 3 Hours.

Instructors will provide an organized class designed to cover areas of specific interest. Students may repeat the course when topics vary. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.