Humanities (HUMA)

HUMA 1301. Introduction to the Humanities I. 3 Hours.

This stand-alone course is an interdisciplinary survey of cultures focusing on the philosophical and aethetic factors in human values with an emphasis on the historical development of the individual and society and the need to create. This course is required for four-year honor students. (This course replaces PHIL 1301.).

HUMA 693. Field Study in US Cross-Cultural Diversity. 3 Hours.

This course serves to broaden students' cultural and sociological perspective in education. The variability of religious practices, values, identity, language, and socio-cultural conditions of major US ethnic representative groups will be examined both in a global context and in reference to contemporary American society. The course provides sutdents with strategies to use knowledge of ethnocentric variability and of hte human conditions of these groups in order to make appropriate leadership decisions. It explores these issues through readings, discussions, lectures, films, case studies, and direct experience of the human experience of minorities in nearby communities or abroad. Cross-listed with EDLD 625, Field Study in National and International Cultural Perspectives. Prerequisite: Admission to the Doctoral program.