Management Information Systems (MIS)

MIS 302. Enterprise Resource Planning. 3 Hours.

This course provides an overview of enterprise systems and supply chain business processes, and introduces students to how enterprise systems are used to manage supply chains and make effective business decisions. Cross-listed with SCM 302. Credit cannot be awarded for both SCM 302 and MIS 302.

MIS 305. Electronic Commerce. 3 Hours.

This course is a study of the practices and methods used in implementing electronic commerce business solutions. Topics will include logistics and support activities, electronic data interchange, electronic supply chain management, and implementation issues. The auction process and web auction strategies will be discussed. Prerequisite: MIS 360.

MIS 308. Project Management. 3 Hours.

This class is a study of the practices and methods used in managing projects. Project elements such as scheduling, organizing, implementing, control, and assessment will be discussed. The course focuses on using project management techniques appropriate for information systems projects.

MIS 310. Mobile Application Development. 3 Hours.

This course will introduce students to application development for mobile devices. Students will learn about implementation, software design, and user-interaction design on the mobile computing platform. Students will also learn about concepts at the core of modern mobile computing, such as software and data distribution models and location awareness. The course focuses on using the iPhone OS as the development platform, but the concepts covered in the course apply to all mobile computing platforms. Students will be introduced to the swift programming language, the XCode programming environment, and the iPhone SDK and APIs.

MIS 360. Essentials of Management Information Systems. 3 Hours.

This course explores concepts of information systems management. Emphasis is placed on the theory and practice related to the development and operation of information systems in organizations. The course should be taken during the first year of enrollment.

MIS 361. Database Systems and Design. 3 Hours.

This course provides the basic concepts of management of database systems. The course emphasizes understanding the various database management functions and providing database support for the organization. Topics include types of database models, database design, entity relationship diagrams, normalization, database-management systems, administration of database security, error recovery, concurrency control, and distributed-database systems. This course focuses on the design of a database starting from the conceptual design to the implementation of a database schema and user interfaces to the database. Students will design databases using a database management system and development tools. Students will learn the database query language SQL. Cross-listed with CS 361. Credit for both MIS 361 and CS 361 cannot be awarded.

MIS 362. Systems Analysis and Design. 3 Hours.

This is the study of the methodology for analysis and design of a business information system. Emphasis will be on critical analysis of existing systems and design of computer based systems. An actual systems analysis is required. Cross-listed with CS 362. Credit for both CS 362 and MIS 362 cannot be awarded.

MIS 430. Website Development. 3 Hours.

Students utilize coding and Web development tools to create inter-linked Web pages.

MIS 450. Principles of Management Information Security. 3 Hours.

This course addresses aspects of information security. Topics include implications of databases, telecommunication systems, risk assessment, security policies, remote connections, authentication and prevention systems, foundations of cryptography, physical security issues, and appropriate counter measures. Reading and cases are used to increase depth of content and analytical perspective concerning law and ethics. Prerequisite: MIS 360.

MIS 489. Individual Study. 3 Hours.

This course provides individual instruction. Students may repeat the course when topics vary.

MIS 512. Supply Chain Management Systems. 3 Hours.

The supply chain professional learns the basic techniques and concepts which includes building sales and operations plans. From this, the master schedule, material requirements planning, and distribution requirements planning records are tied to the manufacturing function from both the supplier, or the inbound side, and the customer, or the outbound side. Prerequisite: Admission into the MBA program.

MIS 514. Cyber Security. 3 Hours.

Study of the approach to Cyber Security management within an enterprise. Focus on the creation of a Cyber Security Management Program. Processes covered include, but are not limited to; Cyber Security Program requirements, Governance, Cyber Defenses, Security Program Development, Risk Management, and Incident Response. Pre-requisite: Admission to the MBA program.

MIS 515. Technology Project Management. 3 Hours.

This course examines techniques for managing technology-relatd projects with emphasis on Agile project management practics, teams, functions, planning, scheduling, pricing and estimating, cost controls, trade-offs, risk management, contracts, procurement, and quality. Prerequisite: Admission to Graduate program.

MIS 516. Information Resource Management. 3 Hours.

This course aims to provide a broad managerial overview of the issues, challenges, and opportunities related to the management and deployment of Information Systems (IS). Information is a critical resource that plays a major role in managerial decision-making and thereby it influences business policy and strategic planning. This course will examine the internal and external issues involved in Information Resource Management. Internal IS issues include the management of IS professionals, project teams, and the acquisition of hardware and software. External IS issues would include areas such as organizational structure, planning processes, and management control of IS resources. While students will learn about the emerging trends in the IS field such as, but not limited to, Project Management, Cloud computing, Enterprise Resource Planning, IT security, or business intelligence, the course will focus on two or three major contemporary areas relevant at the time of delivery of this course. Prerequisite: Admission into the MBA program.

MIS 528. Emerging Technologies in MIS. 3 Hours.

Students will examine technologies that have been identified as emerging and addresses their impact on business organizations and individuals in global environment through a study of contemporary literature. This is a Web-based course which requires PC skills. Prerequisite: MIS 360.

MIS 552. Information Systems Management. 3 Hours.

This course examines the information systems and technology topics that enable managers to make informed decisions regarding the application and implementation of technology in an organization.

MIS 577. Data Analytics. 3 Hours.

This course studies the use of accounting data to identify, analyze, and solve business problems. Examines the processes needed to develop, report, and analyze accounting data and the business risks related to data collection, storage, and use. Cross-listed with ACCT 577. Credit for both MIS 577 and ACCT 577 cannot be awarded. Prerequisite: Admission into the MBA program.

MIS 589. Individual Study. 3 Hours.

This course provides individual instruction. Students may repeat the course when topics vary.