Economics (ECO) (ECON)

ECO 576. Macroeconomic Theory and Policy. 3 Hours.

Analyzes the use of various instruments of monetary and fiscal policy and their effects on employment, prices, economic growth, and the balance of payments. Prerequisite: ECON 2301 or ECO 577.

ECO 577. History of Economic Thought. 3 Hours.

Seminar in the development of economic thought. The purpose is to acquaint the student with economists who have played an important role in the evolution of economic philosophy and theory.

ECO 589. Individual Study. 3 Hours.

Individual instruction. May be repeated when topics vary.

ECON 2301. Principles of Macroeconomics. 3 Hours.

This course examines the economic behavior of the aggregate U.S. economy. Major topics include fundamental macroeconomic principles, national employment, prices, economic growth, business cycles, and monetary and fiscal stabilization.

ECON 2302. Principles of Microeconomics. 3 Hours.

An introduction to the concepts and tools of microeconomic analysis. Major topics include fundamental microeconomic principles, price theory including supply and demand and marginal analysis, factors of production, costs of production, the demand for resources, industry structure, and the role of government.