Credit By Exam

Students may earn course credit by demonstrated achievement on standardized tests such as the Advanced Placement Program (AP) and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). 

Students should submit official Advanced Placement (AP) and CLEP scores to A&M-Texarkana for review and to award credit for those subject areas in which the minimum score required has been achieved. 

Students may not enroll off campus during the semester they expect to graduate. The Office of the Registrar must record final grades from all courses the student has taken at another university on a student’s A&M-Texarkana transcript prior to the last semester of enrollment before graduation.

The university accepts credit by exam scores for academic credit.  A student must enroll at the university and have official scores sent to the Office of Admissions for officials to add academic credit to his or her university transcript. In addition, the following stipulations apply:

  1. The university will accept no more than 30 SCH total from exam credit (AP, CLEP, and/or DSST).  Note: Students in the BAAS program may apply a maximum of 18 SCH of exam credit or correspondence course work to their degree program.
  2. Each exam credit assessment must be no more than three (3) years old from the date the student took the exam to the time officials first recorded the score on a college or university transcript.
  3. A&M-Texarkana will accept exam credit that a previous college or university has accepted. The student can apply no more than 30 SCH toward a student’s degree plan.
  4. The university must apply all exam credit prior to the last semester of enrollment before graduation.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Subject Score Equivalent Course Credit Hours
Art/History of Art3ARTS 1303 and ARTS 13046
Art/Studio Art3ARTS 1316 and ARTS 13176
Biology3BIOL 1306, BIOL 1106 and BIOL 1307, BIOL 11078
Calculus AB3MATH 24134
Calculus BC3MATH 2413 and MATH 24148
Chemistry3CHEM 1311, CHEM 1111 and CHEM 1312, CHEM 11128
Chinese Language/Culture3CHIN 1311 and CHIN 13126
Computer Science A3COSC 13363
Computer Science A/B3COSC 1336 and COSC 13376
Macroeconomics3ECON 23013
Microeconomics3ECON 23023
English/Language and Comp3ENGL 1301 and ENGL 13026
English/Literature and Comp3ENGL 1301 and ENGL 13026
Environmental Science3ENVR 1301, ENVR 11014
French Language3FREN 1311, FREN 1111 and FREN 1312, FREN 11128
French Literature3FREN 2303 and FREN 23046
German Language3GERM 1311 and GERM 13126
Government and Politics US3GOVT 23023
History/European3HIST 2311 and HISt 23126
History/US3HIST 1301 and HIST 13026
Human Geography3GEOG 13023
Italian Language/Culture3ITAL 1311 and ITAL 13126
Japanese Language/Cutlure3JAPN 1311 and JAPN 13126
Latin/Literature3LATI 1311 and LATI 13126
Music Theory3MUSI 1311 and MUSI 13126
Physics B3PHYS 1301, PHYS 1101 and PHYS 1302, PHYS 11028
Physics C Mechanics3PHYS 2325 and PHYS 21254
Physics C Elec and Magnet3PHYS 2326 and PHYS 21264
Psychology3PSYC 23013
Spanish Language3SPAN 1411 and SPAN 14128
Spanish Literature3SPAN 2311 and SPAN 23126
Statistics3MATH 13423
World History3HIST 2321 and HIST 23226

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Subject Score Equivalent Course Credit Hours
Financial Accounting50ACCT 23013
Info Sys and Comp Apps50BCIS 13053
Intro to Business Law50BUSI 23013
Principles of Management50MGT 3953
Principles of Marketin50MKT 3633
American Literature50ENGL 2327 and ENGL 23286
College Composition50ENGL 1301 and ENGL 13026
English Literature50ENGL 2322 and ENGL 23236
Humanities50HUMA 1301 and HUMA 13026
French Language Level 150FREN 1311 and FREN 13126
French Language Level 259FREN 1311, FREN 1312, FREN 2311 and FREN 231212
German Level 150GERM 1311 and GERM 13126
German Level 259GERM 1311, GERM 1312, GERM 2311 and GERM 231212
Spanish Level 150SPAN 1311 and SPAN 13126
Spanish Level 263SPAN 1311, SPAN 1312, SPAN 2311 and SPAN 231212
American Government50GOVT 23053
History of the US I50HIST 13013
History of the US II50HIST 13023
Human Growth/Dev50PSYC 23143
Introduction to Psychology50PSYC 23013
Introduction to Sociology50SOCI 13013
Macroeconomics50ECON 23013
Microeconomics50ECON 23023
Western Civilization I50HIST 23213
Western Civilization II50HIST 23223
Biology50BIOL 1306 and BIOL 13076
Calculus50MATH 23133
College Math50MATH 1332 and MATH 13336
Pre-calculus50MATH 23123

DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST)

Subject Score Equivalent Course Credit Hours
Astronomy48PHYS 13113
Civil War/Reconstruction47HIST 4343
Criminal Justice49CRIJ 13013
Ethics in America46PHIL 23063
College Algebra47MATH 13143
General Anthropology47ANTH 23463
Human/Cultural Geography48GEOG 13003
Introduction to Business46BUSI 13013
Introduction to Computing45COSC 13003
Intro to Law Enforcement45CRIJ 23283
Intro to World Religions48PHIL 13043
Lifespan Dev Psychology46PSYC 23143
Management Info Systems46MIS 3603
Money and Banking48FIN 3253
Physical Geology46GEOL 13033
Financial Accounting49ACCT 23013
Physical Science I47PHYS 13153
Public Speaking47SPCH 13153
Technical Writing46ENGL 23113