Credit By Exam

Students may earn course credit by demonstrated achievement on standardized tests such as the Advanced Placement Program (AP) and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). 

Students should submit official Advanced Placement (AP) and CLEP scores to A&M-Texarkana for review and to award credit for those subject areas in which the minimum score required has been achieved. 

Students may not enroll off campus during the semester they expect to graduate. The Office of the Registrar must record final grades from all courses the student has taken at another university on a student’s A&M-Texarkana transcript prior to the last semester of enrollment before graduation.

The university accepts credit by exam scores for academic credit.  A student must enroll at the university and have official scores sent to the Office of Admissions for officials to add academic credit to his or her university transcript. In addition, the following stipulations apply:

  1. The university will accept no more than 30 SCH total from exam credit (AP, CLEP, and/or DSST).  Note: Students in the BAAS program may apply a maximum of 18 SCH of exam credit or correspondence course work to their degree program.
  2. Each exam credit assessment must be no more than three (3) years old from the date the student took the exam to the time officials first recorded the score on a college or university transcript.
  3. A&M-Texarkana will accept exam credit that a previous college or university has accepted. The student can apply no more than 30 SCH toward a student’s degree plan.
  4. The university must apply all exam credit prior to the last semester of enrollment before graduation.