Testing Center

The Testing Center is responsible for the coordination and administration of proctoring, placement, make-up and select standardized exams for students, groups and community members for program admission and certification. A registration fee and online registration may be required for select standardized exams.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Testing Center at Texas A&M University-Texarkana is to provide a professional testing environment for the campus and community that enables test takers to perform at their maximum ability and provide services to assist students and faculty in maintaining the University’s goal of academic excellence.

General Information

  • In addition to proctors and regular walkthroughs, the Testing Center employs audio, video, and computer surveillance and recording technologies to maintain an environment of academic integrity.
  • Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited from being taken into the test center facility at any time.
  • Students may be asked to turn their pockets completely inside out to ensure that they have been emptied of all personal belongings and coats/jackets are subjected to be searched. As a final step in this process, you may be scanned with a metal detector wand prior to entry into the test room.

Individuals refusing to abide by the testing facility guidelines and/or protocol will be refused entry, and may lose privilege to test in the testing facility.

Student Responsibilities

  • Photo ID required (i.e., driver's license or student ID, etc.). ID must be visible on workstation in test room.
  • NO electronic devices (i.e., cellular phone, digital watch, Fitbit, wireless communication device, etc.) or photographic devices permitted at workstation.
  • All items in pocket or on person MUST be removed and locked up.
  • Arrange with faculty to take make-up exams at the Testing Center.
  • Schedule an examination appointment with the Testing Center at least 24-hours in advance or otherwise noted by clicking the following link. Schedule An ExamIf the professor’s name and/or exam isn’t visible, please select the course appropriate college (CASE or CBET) and select accordingly.  If the date/time is unavailable, please select the next available date/time. 
  • No walk-ins.
  • Contact the Testing Center as early as possible to cancel their appointment if circumstances prevent them keeping the appointment. Repeated failure to do so may jeopardize future use of the Testing Center facilities and a $5.00 fee will be assessed upon your 2nd reschedule request.
  • Students should contact their course instructor, and NOT the Testing Center, for exam dates and/or deadlines.
  • Clear any changes for appointment time, date, or conditions with instructor if such changes are needed. This should be done prior to rescheduling with the Testing Center.
  • Remind instructor of exam appointment within a reasonable amount of time prior to the exam and/or date.  The exam MUST be in the Testing Center at least 1 day prior to making an appointment.
  • Arrive on time! Failure to arrive when scheduled frequently affects students who are scheduled for later times and sometimes limits the time available to complete the examination. Because of limited seating, after 15 minutes, it will be assumed that you are a "no show," your seat may be given away, and you will be required to reschedule.
  • Take only those items to your desk, which are authorized by the instructor and Testing Center. Storage will be provided for purses, backpacks, cellular phones and briefcases, etc.
  • Make appropriate arrangements for childcare, etc. prior to entering the Testing facility. Babies, children of any age, parents, spouses, friends, and helpers are not allowed in the Test Room. The only exceptions to this rule are those persons approved for ADA accommodations.

Faculty Responsibilities

Please reference the below steps to assist with registering and uploading your exam via RegisterBlast’s Faculty Portal:

  1. Click Enroll and enroll as a Professor.  Wait for the Testing Center to Approve and assign Exam Groups.
  2. Once Approved by the Testing Center, click on Professor Portal Exam Submission and submit your exam based on Exam Groups (Online or Paper-base) identified.  You should be set to upload exams from this point forward.  The Testing Center MUST approve uploaded exams, and if there are issues, the Testing Center will reach out. 
  3. If Exam Groups aren’t visible, this means the Testing Center has yet to assign Groups. Please submit exams prior to informing students to register (preferably one/two weeks) in order that the Testing Center can approve Exam Submissions; otherwise, students will have to submit via CASE/CBET.  Feel free to contact the Testing Center if you require additional assistance.

American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodations

Students with disabilities can contact the Disabilities Office at (903) 223-3062 or accommodations@tamut.edu. The following guidelines apply to those students designated to receive appropriate accommodations:

  • Advise the Disabilities Office of your course load at the beginning of each semester, well in advance of any anticipated exams. (NOTE: the Testing Center SHOULD receive feedback or copies of these authorizations.)
  • When making an appointment for an exam at the Testing Center, additional lead-time (at least 1 or 2 weeks in advance) will be needed for special accommodations: private room, scribe, reader, enlarged type, use of computer, typewriter, and cassette player). NOTE: The Testing Center has only one private testing room. Make appointments well in advance of anticipated exams.
  • It is especially important to notify the Testing Center early for cancellations or changes if any of the above special accommodations have been requested.
  • Students with disabilities using the Testing Center are held to the same testing standards.

Testing Center Contact Information

Phone: (903) 223-3072
Fax: (903) 223-3184
Email: testingcenter@tamut.edu
Room Location: University Center (UC), Room 325

Visit the Testing Center website for additional information.