Undergraduate Admissions

An undergraduate student is a student is some one who has graduated high school or earned their high school equivalency diploma and been accepted into college but have not yet earned their bachelor's degree.  Students who are attempting to earn a second bachelors degree are considered a post baccalaureate student.  Undergraduate students fall into the following catagories:  Freshman, Transfer, Visiting, Returning, Seeking 2nd Bachelors and Non-degree Seeking. 

Applying for Admission

The Office of Admissions coordinates all policies and procedures for university admission. Admission to Texas A&M University -Texarkana does not discriminate in its admission policies on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, disability, veteran status and/or educationally unrelated handicaps. 

Students may apply for admission to Texas A&M University -Texarkana by using the custom application located on our website or through the common application, Apply Texas. Students must answer all questions on the application accurately.  If the university grants a student admission on the basis of incorrect information or omitted facts, which, if known, would invalidate the applicant’s eligibility, that student’s admission is invalid. The completed application, additional forms, official transcripts from all previous colleges and universities, and official transcripts showing high-school graduation, and supporting documents constitute the basis upon which authorities determine eligibility for admission. The Office of Admissions, provides complete admissions counseling for new students. Admissions Counselors are available to assist prospective students throughout the admissions process.  Students must be admitted by the Office of Admissions before they can enroll for courses at the university. 

In accordance with the Texas record-retention requirements, the Admissions office will keep an application for admission on file for one year (if the student does not enroll in classes for the term they applied for).  After that date, the office will destroy the application for admission and file contents.

Application Fee

Students applying for admissions to Texas A&M University - Texarkana are required to pay a non-refundable application processing fee.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing your admission application.  The applicant must review the admissions requirements and check his or her admission status online regularly to confirm receipt of the items the admissions office requires for his or her admission file.  

The application fee is:

  • $30 for U.S. applicants, and
  • $50 for International applicants
Application Cancellation

Students may cancel their application at anytime.  Cancellation of an admission application must be submitted in writing.  Students may email the Admissions office at admissions@tamut.edu to cancel their application or submit the "Request to Cancel Application" online form.   

Priority Deadlines

Prospective undergraduate students should apply as early as possible once the application for the academic year has been opened. By applying early, students take advantage of scholarship, housing, and orientation privileges.    

June 1st — Fall semester
May 1st — Summer sessions
October 1st—Spring semester

**Scholarship Deadline for incoming freshman for the Fall Term is December 1st**

Safety and Security

The Texas A&M University - Texarkana admission application contains questions regarding whether the applicant falls into one of these criteria:

  • Convicted of or plead no contest to a crime that involved harassment, violence, or sexual misconduct of a criminal nature
  • Been expelled, dismissed, suspended or placed on probation from any educational institution due to misconduct for non-academic reasons
  • Currently under any investigation or subject to pending disciplinary action at any post-secondary institution

Prospective students who answer "yes" to these questions on the application may be required to submit additional documentation and their admissions may remain pending until this information is received and reviewed. 

Notice of Admission Decisions

Admission decisions are made throughout the application period and announced as soon as possible.  Students will be notified of their admission decision via an official letter mailed to the address on their application.  

Texas A&M University -Texarkana reserves the right to rescind an admission decision in the event that the university obtains additional factors regarding, but not limited to, the student’s academic performance and/or omission of information.

Students may contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@tamut.edu for additional information.