Verification Timeline

Student Notification

Students will be notified they have been selected for verification via email if they have elected to do electronic business with TAMUT. They will be informed of any deadlines, documentation requirements, and consequences for failing to comply. Letters informing students of required documentation will be sent out before disbursement  to students selected for verification. Students can also check the status of their documentation anytime in Web For Student.  If there are any changes to the student’s award due to verification, a new award letter will be sent to the student.

Complete File

In order for the documentation to be considered complete, students must have all required documents completed and submitted.  There must be no incomplete information on any required forms, and must contain signatures where applicable.  


Students who have been automatically selected for verification will not be offered a financial aid award until the verification process has been completed. These students will have until 14 days prior to the end of the payment period or student’s last day of enrollment (whichever comes first)  to turn in their documentation. This information is listed on the email communication and sent to students whenever there are missing documents needed to complete the verification process. 

There are, however, situations where a student may be selected for verification after a financial aid award has been offered or disbursed. For example,  conflicting information, the student may be manually selected after aid has been awarded. In this situation, manually selected students will have 14 days  to turn in all required documentation. They will receive weekly email reminders of their duty to turn in documents. If they fail to turn in documents by the deadline given, any subsequent disbursements of aid  will be cancelled.

Failure to Comply

If a student fails to turn in complete documentation by the prescribed deadlines, they will not receive a financial aid award until their file is “completed”.   If a student who has not yet been awarded submits verification documents after the published deadline, verification may still be completed if it is within 120 days from their last date of attendance and before the Department of Education’s deadline published in the Federal Register. Upon completing verification, the student may be awarded based on funds availability, eligibility at that time, and/or regulation on late disbursements.   TAMUT considers the student to be the responsible party for providing information and completing the verification process.