The Financial Aid Office offers a wide variety of academically competitive scholarships based on merit. Our scholarships are designed to encourage, support, and reward outstanding students. The Financial Aid Office is available to assist you with the application process, and you are encouraged to review this website in its entirety to learn more about available scholarship opportunities.

Annual/Renewal Awards

New incoming students will be applied for all University Scholarships by completing the online University Admissions Application or the Apply Texas Application .  Students must be accepted in admissions by the scholarship priority deadline in order to be eligible.  Please view all scholarships available for new students under the link, Scholarship Criteria.

Continuing and returning students are automatically eligible to receive donor scholarships based on undergraduate coursework.  There is no application to complete, as the financial aid office will automatically apply all current students. These scholarship funds are competitive and very limited, so if you miss the deadline date, the next opportunity will be a year later. Scholarship funds are only offered if funding is available.

Students who have been awarded a renewable scholarship will be responsible for viewing their scholarship renewal criteria, and maintaining all requirements for automatic scholarship renewal each year.

Semester Awards

Occasionally, the Financial Aid Office will offer a scholarship for one semester. Please continue to check the website according to the deadline dates below for the scholarship criteria and application.

Deadline Dates

January 15th  - Fall Deadline for all upcoming Academic Year scholarships

May 1st - Summer Only Scholarships (if available)

December 1st - Spring Scholarships (if available)

Scholarship Policy

All scholarships are subject to the availability of funds and are subject to change.

Any reduction  in semester credit hours below the minimum before the twelfth class day will be subject to revocation of scholarship and the student will be responsible for any charges incurred.  Any change after the twelfth class day is not subject to a reduction but may hinder future awards

A withdrawal from the University prior to the University official census date will revoke the scholarship.  The student will be responsible for any charges incurred.  A withdrawal from the University after the University official census date is not subject to revocation, however the student is still responsible for any charges incurred by the withdrawal.

All scholarship recipients awarded through the Texas A&M University-Texarkana Financial Aid Office are required to be degree-seeking or certificate seeking with the university.

University academic scholarship recipients may also pursue “need-based” financial aid, however, the student’s total award may not exceed the student’s "financial need" as determined by the Federal Need Analysis.  In some cases, a student’s financial aid award must be reduced or cancelled in order for the student to receive the scholarship.

Waivers to the scholarship criteria will be made for special circumstances only, and will be approved by the University Scholarship Committee and in some cases, the University President. These waivers will allow for special circumstances including but not limited to illness, death of a family member, deployment, special work conditions or other good cause.

Renewable Scholarships

  • Students receiving 4 year renewable scholarships do not need to re-apply each year. These scholarships are automatically renewed if students meet the eligibility requirements at the end of a year of enrollment. If the scholarship is renewable and a student fails to meet the criteria stated in the scholarship, the student will have the summer to meet the requirements. If a student fails to meet the criteria after the summer semester is over; the remaining scholarship award will be cancelled.
  • Scholarships will be pro-rated for students in their graduating semester or in their field based or residency teaching semester, who have no other required classes to meet the minimum number of hours required by the scholarship. Students must notify the Coordinator of Financial Aid Services in order for their scholarship to be pro-rated.
  • Students receiving General Academic Year Scholarships that are renewable, will be automatically renewed for the scholarship each year as long as they meet the criteria. If the recipient fails to meet the minimum scholarship requirements at any point in time, the scholarship may not be renewed. However, the student may meet the critieria for the same scholarship for the next year and will be considered as all other applicants for the award. Note: Renewable scholarships are contingent upon the availability of funds for the next award year.

If the student receiving the Albert Loftin Scholarship does not enroll at A&M-Texarkana or does not remain enrolled as a full-time student, the scholarship becomes an interest-bearing note. The first payment will be due October 1st, with compound interest accruing at 10% effective September 1st. The total amount of Loftin Scholarship funds received to date must then be repaid within twelve (12) months. (EXCEPTION: Student teaching will be considered as full-time for scholarship purposes only).

Partial Satisfactory Academic Progress will be monitored at the end of each semester. Full Satisfactory Academic Progress will be monitored at the end of Spring (or Summer for some awards). Students will be responsible for contacting the Financial Aid Office once all summer grades are posted, in order to be reviewed for scholarship renewal.

A student who wishes to appeal this ruling on the basis of "extenuating circumstances" must do so in writing to the Financial Aid Office. The appeal decision will be made by the Appeal Committee, and the student will be notified by email of the decision.

All scholarship recipients are selected without discrimination based on age, sex, race, or religion.