The Financial Aid Office offers a wide variety of academically competitive scholarships based on merit. Our scholarships are designed to encourage, support, and reward outstanding students. The Financial Aid Office is available to assist you with the application process, and you are encouraged to review this website in its entirety to learn more about available scholarship opportunities.

Annual/Renewal Awards

New incoming students will be applied for all University Scholarships by completing the online University Admissions Application or the Apply Texas Application .  Students must be accepted in admissions by the scholarship priority deadline in order to be eligible.  Please view all scholarships available for new students under the link, Scholarship Criteria.

Continuing and returning students are automatically eligible to receive donor scholarships based on undergraduate coursework.  There is no application to complete, as the financial aid office will automatically apply all current students. These scholarship funds are competitive and very limited, so if you miss the deadline date, the next opportunity will be a year later. Scholarship funds are only offered if funding is available.

Students who have been awarded a renewable scholarship will be responsible for viewing their scholarship renewal criteria, and maintaining all requirements for automatic scholarship renewal each year.

Semester Awards

Occasionally, the Financial Aid Office will offer a scholarship for one semester. Please continue to check the website according to the deadline dates below for the scholarship criteria and application.

Deadline Dates

December 1st - Fall Deadline for all upcoming Academic Year scholarships

May 1st - Summer Only Scholarships (if available)

December 1st - Spring Scholarships (if available)