Master of Business Administration in Business Administration-Supply Chain Management

MBA-Supply Chain Management Program Overview

The sky is the limit in Supply Chain Management (SCM).  SCM provides an exciting and rewarding path of study in which students learn skills which directly lead to increased business profitability.  Careers in SCM take many paths and end up with a multitude of career options. 

Skills acquired via the Supply Chain concentration are in high demand.  By completing a degree in Supply Chain Management, students will set themselves apart to succeed in business.  Students will develop analytical skills in learning about inventory management, logistics, quality, purchasing, and transportation.  Students in supply chain management have the opportunity to learn and then subsequently return value to both their own personal investment portfolios or to grow their company business.

Requirements for University and Degree Program Admission

For admission to the MBA-Supply Chain Management program please visit:

For program admission and advising contact:

Jim Bynum

Phone: (903) 223- 3191

Email:, or

Requirement must be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office by designated deadline in first semester of enrollment.

Degree Requirements

Students should refer to their DegreeWorks degree audit in their Web for Students account for more information regarding their degree requirements.

ACCT 525Administrative Controls 13
ECO 576Macroeconomic Theory and Policy 23
MGT 527Managerial Policy and Strategy (To be taken during final semester of program)3
MGT 540International Business3
MGT 594Organizational Behavior3
MKT 521Marketing Management3
SCM 512Supply Chain Management Systems3
SCM 543Purchasing and Quality Management3
SCM 554Logistics and Transportation Management3
SCM 568Supply Chain Management Financial Strategy and Profitability3
Minimum Hours for Degree30

 If Student does not have credit for 6sch ACCT 2301 & ACCT 2302, then ACCT 526 is required as a prerequisite for ACCT 525


 If student does not have credit for 6sch of ECON 2301 and ECON 2302, then ECO 577 is required as a prerequisite for ECO 576

Note: The university will not count grades lower than “C” toward a graduate degree, but the university will use those grades to calculate the GPA. The university considers a course with a grade of “D” or “F” completed, and the GPA will reflect those grades. 

Graduate Courses in Supply Chain Management

SCM 512. Supply Chain Management Systems. 3 Hours.

The supply chain professional learns the basic techniques and concepts which includes building sales and operations plans. Prerequisite: Admission into the MBA program.

SCM 543. Purchasing and Quality Management. 3 Hours.

This course focuses on the management system, which is concerned with planning and meeting customer needs through leadership and strategic planning. Prerequisite: Admission into the MBA program.

SCM 554. Logistics and Transportation Management. 3 Hours.

This course focuses on the functional areas of logistics and transportation, with emphasis placed on the quantitative treatment of the design and planning issues in logistics. Prerequisite: Admission into the MBA program.

SCM 568. Supply Chain Management Financial Strategy and Profitability. 3 Hours.

This course includes case studies, examples, and in-depth analysis of technical issues involved in supply chain management, network design, and strategic partnering. The course engages students in managing a supply chain and provides a starting point for discussing the value of information in the supply chain, strategic partnering, and centralized decision making. This course is equivalent to both FIN 568 and ACCT 568. Prerequisite: ACCT 2301 and ACCT 2302, or ACCT 526.

SCM 597. Special Topics. 3 Hours.

Instructors will provide an organized class designed to cover areas of specific interest. Students may repeat the course when topics vary.


Dr. Gary L. Stading



Jamie Daigle



Dr. Brian Matthews

Assistant Professor